Mission Statement

Elite Boxing Academy can be more than a boxing gym, in that the gym has become a project to make our community and surrounding communities, a better place for everyone. Coach Sainci saw the opportunity that while teaching his students how to box, he could also teach the importance of discipline, build self-esteem, character, how to be respectful, as well as help develop social skills and how to appreciate life. How they can use these skills inside the gym as well as outside in their everyday life.


Simply put, we're experts in what we do. EBA has bridged the gap by being a boxing gym that trains fighters and caters to everyday, hardworking individuals that just want to get in shape and release stress. By joining EBA, you become part of an environment that provides great instruction, great people, and a fun, vibrant atmosphere.

Many places offer “boxercise” classes that are not always taught by certified trainers, let alone those that truly understand and can teach the sport. The philosophy of our gym is consistently learning, improving, and providing high-quality instruction for our members. Even those who come to our gym for fitness reasons must learn to do things correctly in order to prevent injury. We promise to teach you real boxing; your hard work gets you real results. ~ Mark Sainci (Owner/Operator) ~

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If you are ready to be challenged and learn a healthier lifestyle, stop in and visit us at Elite Boxing Academy or contact us for more information.