Thank You!!

Lambert, Julie

I have had Sophia for three years in my math class and she has made tremendous improvement since 6th grade. Most of the time she is focused in class and does a great job of asking questions when she is confused. Other times she is quite the distraction.(Though luckily that isn’t has often as previously.) She has shown growth in maturity and self discipline since joining your gym.

School is difficult for Sophia. I am encouraged by your dedication to her education and Sophia needs to know that she can accomplish much more when she tries. Any extra practice with math would be a benefit for Sophia, even if the tutor only goes over what we have learned as reinforcement.

Most teachers post assignment on google classroom. Here you would be able to see on a daily basis what is going on at school. Sophia would have access to this if internet is available.

As I told Sophia yesterday after she got 100% on her quiz, I am very proud of the success she has had. Thank you for your efforts with Sophia’s education. The more people she has routing for her, the better she will be, not only academically, but just in life in general.)

Not Just Coaches

Joining the EBA family has been awesome for my son and grandson! These guys are not just fitness coaches, they are mentors and role models. All of the coaches are truly invested in the kids. Coach Mark and Coach Darrius have been been real confidence boosters for the boys and a source of support and encouragement to them. The kids are building lasting bonds with their coaches and their peers. So happy and thankful to be part of the EBA family!

Tammy Hinton

My family LOVES EBA!

Where do I start? Elite Boxing Academy has been the best choice I have EVER made for my family! My son, my daughter, and I all participate in their activities. I started out by just signing up my son when I was in a very difficult place with him. It was at a time where I was going to have to make some very difficult decisions for my son. Was he going to be able to stay living at home, or be placed in a residential facility due to his aggressive behaviors.

I approached Mark, at the gym, and let him know what was going on within my home and at school with my son. Mark said to bring him in, and he would “take care of him.” I believed Mark. This was my last chance. I didn’t want to “send” my son away.

Since then, almost a year later, he has done AMAZING!! His aggression is under control at home and school. He is an aspiring wrestler, Jiu Jitsu, and boxer now. He follows instructions better and doesn’t argue as much. He knows that there will be repercussions for his actions at home or the gym.

As for my daughter, she watcher her younger brother and wanted to join in. She has also grown as a person and an athlete. She is able to run for a period of time now and her energy has gone up. Her attitude towards sports and teamwork has increased. She has become a role model to other students at school; being positive, self-confidence increase, and standing up to bullies (she has also lost weight).

Then there is myself, what else can I say….Mark and Kate have let us into their lives like we are family. Mark cares about the workouts that he puts together due to my injuries. He is very conscience of how his people are lifting and the technique that is being used. He is always watching and correcting. Don’t get me wrong, He WILL push you to your limit and beyond. He is ALWAYS finding the best in people and wants the best out of people. My family LOVES EBA!!

Stacy Crooks

Achieve Your Goals!

Just Getting By………

I fell into a deep depression after my last divorce. Always being told I wasn’t good enough. I wasn’t skinny enough. I wasn’t pretty enough. I let myself go! I let go bad. I gained weight, lost jobs, and became invested in bad relationships. It was almost like I was punishing myself. Here is the thing! I was punishing myself!

I let myself go to the point I was the heaviest I had ever been. I sold all of my previously worn clothes that were now too small. I didn’t want a constant reminder of what I once was. I was happy, had friends, hobbies, goals, and my smile proudly worn all day.

So, I seen Elite Boxing Academy was having a Grand Opening. I initially checked it out for my son. My son said, “Mom, do it with me!” I looked at him with this troubling look and the mindset of being a role model to him. I signed us up that day.

This gym, the staff, and the amazing people that attend have helped me tremendously. This girl has got her groove back. I am happy, positive, smiling, loving life, and best of all gaining a family. It shows in my work performance and my personal life.

I went from 219.6 pounds to 184.2 pounds. I was a size 2x shirt now down to a Medium. I used to be a size 18 to 20 waist jean. Now a size 13 and the jeans are still getting baggy!

Don’t just get by! Don’t let yourself go! Don’t accept anything then your best! Achieve your goals! Work hard and earn it!

I know I am!

Amber Herrod