Our Fighter classes are for those advanced level students who are serious about competition.  These students must show their skill and dedication by attending the kids or beginner’s classes regularly and must be approved by our coaches to be a part of the EBA Fighter’s Team.  All appropriate gear is required: headgear, mouthguard, hand wraps, gloves, and groin protector. 

Who Is It For?

The EBA Fighter’s Team training is for anybody that has an ambition to compete in the ring or the cage, from the novice to the experienced.  You will be expected to spar, train well, be dedicated to yourself as well as the team, and participate in competitions.

What To Expect?

You will spar and learn from other gym members.  You will be challenged daily and test yourself to all new levels.  Best of all, you will learn from coaches who are professional fighters, who have been through it all.   Classes will consist of pad and bag work, partner drills, and cardio classes with fitness tests.  You will also have the opportunity to train with other clubs.  Becoming “fight ready” takes time.  The amount of work one puts in, determines how long it will take one to be ready.  It can take anywhere from 1 to 2 years, depending on the athlete.  In the end, coaches will determine if you are ready.  All athletes will be expected to wear EBA gym shirts. 

Fighter classes are Monday – Friday 7pm - 8pm


The Fighter’s class is trained and ran by head coach Mark Sainci, along with Darrius Flowers, Brian McIntire, Mike Greenan, Nic Flood, and Javier.

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