Just Getting By………

I fell into a deep depression after my last divorce. Always being told I wasn’t good enough. I wasn’t skinny enough. I wasn’t pretty enough. I let myself go! I let go bad. I gained weight, lost jobs, and became invested in bad relationships. It was almost like I was punishing myself. Here is the thing! I was punishing myself!

I let myself go to the point I was the heaviest I had ever been. I sold all of my previously worn clothes that were now too small. I didn’t want a constant reminder of what I once was. I was happy, had friends, hobbies, goals, and my smile proudly worn all day.

So, I seen Elite Boxing Academy was having a Grand Opening. I initially checked it out for my son. My son said, “Mom, do it with me!” I looked at him with this troubling look and the mindset of being a role model to him. I signed us up that day.

This gym, the staff, and the amazing people that attend have helped me tremendously. This girl has got her groove back. I am happy, positive, smiling, loving life, and best of all gaining a family. It shows in my work performance and my personal life.

I went from 219.6 pounds to 184.2 pounds. I was a size 2x shirt now down to a Medium. I used to be a size 18 to 20 waist jean. Now a size 13 and the jeans are still getting baggy!

Don’t just get by! Don’t let yourself go! Don’t accept anything then your best! Achieve your goals! Work hard and earn it!

I know I am!

Amber Herrod