Where do I start? Elite Boxing Academy has been the best choice I have EVER made for my family! My son, my daughter, and I all participate in their activities. I started out by just signing up my son when I was in a very difficult place with him. It was at a time where I was going to have to make some very difficult decisions for my son. Was he going to be able to stay living at home, or be placed in a residential facility due to his aggressive behaviors.

I approached Mark, at the gym, and let him know what was going on within my home and at school with my son. Mark said to bring him in, and he would “take care of him.” I believed Mark. This was my last chance. I didn’t want to “send” my son away.

Since then, almost a year later, he has done AMAZING!! His aggression is under control at home and school. He is an aspiring wrestler, Jiu Jitsu, and boxer now. He follows instructions better and doesn’t argue as much. He knows that there will be repercussions for his actions at home or the gym.

As for my daughter, she watcher her younger brother and wanted to join in. She has also grown as a person and an athlete. She is able to run for a period of time now and her energy has gone up. Her attitude towards sports and teamwork has increased. She has become a role model to other students at school; being positive, self-confidence increase, and standing up to bullies (she has also lost weight).

Then there is myself, what else can I say….Mark and Kate have let us into their lives like we are family. Mark cares about the workouts that he puts together due to my injuries. He is very conscience of how his people are lifting and the technique that is being used. He is always watching and correcting. Don’t get me wrong, He WILL push you to your limit and beyond. He is ALWAYS finding the best in people and wants the best out of people. My family LOVES EBA!!

Stacy Crooks