Lambert, Julie

I have had Sophia for three years in my math class and she has made tremendous improvement since 6th grade. Most of the time she is focused in class and does a great job of asking questions when she is confused. Other times she is quite the distraction.(Though luckily that isn’t has often as previously.) She has shown growth in maturity and self discipline since joining your gym.

School is difficult for Sophia. I am encouraged by your dedication to her education and Sophia needs to know that she can accomplish much more when she tries. Any extra practice with math would be a benefit for Sophia, even if the tutor only goes over what we have learned as reinforcement.

Most teachers post assignment on google classroom. Here you would be able to see on a daily basis what is going on at school. Sophia would have access to this if internet is available.

As I told Sophia yesterday after she got 100% on her quiz, I am very proud of the success she has had. Thank you for your efforts with Sophia’s education. The more people she has routing for her, the better she will be, not only academically, but just in life in general.)